Calligraphy in Tauranga, New Zealand



Fine handwritten script for special occasions

New Zealand graphic designer and calligrapher Jo Weir is based in Tauranga in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty and provides calligraphy for weddings, gala dinners, certificates, place cards and much more.

Calligraphy, the art of fine handwriting, ensures the special words you want to put on paper look as good as they should, whether on wedding invitations, letters or occasions where ceremony and style are important.

Calligraphy is a sought-after craft in New Zealand despite the many fonts available for computers. There are some situations where a computer can't help, and some things that need to look better than you can write yourself. This is when you need to call in a handwriting expert.

Calligraphy is the ideal enhancement for wedding invitations, place cards, name tags and certificates.

A special piece of poetry or song can be written in calligraphy as a meaningful gift to someone you love.

Calligraphy-written wedding vows are a romantic keepsake of your special day.

Jo's calligraphy services are available for events as well as for special writing assignments throughout the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand.

Below are samples of some of Jo's previous calligraphy projects.

Calligraphy Examples

  • Wedding Place Card Calligraphy Wedding Place Card Calligraphy Gold calligraphy on marble coasters.
  • Calligraphy Placecard Calligraphy Placecard
  • Calligraphy menu Calligraphy menu
  • Calligraphy Book Inscription Calligraphy Book Inscription
  • Calligraphy Certificate Calligraphy Certificate
  • Calligraphy Envelopes Calligraphy Envelopes
  • Calligraphy Placecards Calligraphy Placecards
  • Calligraphy Wedding Stationery Calligraphy Wedding Stationery
  • Card to Accompany a Painting Card to Accompany a Painting
  • Calligraphy wedding vows Calligraphy wedding vows
  • Calligraphy Poem Calligraphy Poem
  • Calligraphy Poem Calligraphy Poem